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What can you do with the maps?

Maps can be installed on Garmin GPS's, as routable maps that will give you turn by turn instructions to go to a given place (depending on device's specifications). It can also be seen in your computer, where you can calculate your routes, using MapSource or BaseCamp Garmin software, or the open source programs QLandkarte GT or QMapShack. With the topographic maps you can also calculate profiles for your routes.

Viewing the maps in your computer:

  • Linux: you can use Qlandkarte GT, its sucessor QMapShack or MapEdit++ (the latter is for Windows, but works fine under wine). You can also use MapSource with wine and load maps running the auto-install file (wine OpenStreetMap_*.exe) or copying *.gmap folder into .wine/drive_c/ProgramData/GARMIN/Maps/

  • Windows: maps can be used with the open source programs Qlandkarte GT, its sucessor QMapShack or MapEdit++ or with Garmin software MapSource or BaseCamp.

    In order to load maps in MapSource or BaseCamp, you just have to run the file named «OpenStreetMap_*.exe» and follow wizard steps. It is important not to change installation path (typically C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps in Windows 10), otherwise BaseCamp will not be able to read map.

  • Mac: you will need Garmin programs BaseCamp (to open maps, plan routes, etc.) and MapInstall and MapManager (to send maps to GPS) installed in your system. To see the maps on BaseCamp you must proceed as follows:

    • Open the file you have downloaded in a “Finder“ window. Within it, you'll find a folder called “OpenStreetMap Country Type.gmap“.
    • In another “Finder“ window, go to “Applications“, right click on “Garmin BaseCamp“ icon and select “Show Package Contents” option.
    • “Contents“ folder will show up and, within it, “Resources“ folder. Move “OpenStreetMap Country Type.gmap“ folder into “Resources“. Once done, map will be ready to be used in BaseCamp.

Installing the maps in a GPS:

  • First of all, download file for GPS of the country you want from Downloads page and unzip it. You'll get a file called gmapsupp.img. The easiest way to have the map in your Garmin device is copying file gmapsupp.img in the external SD/micro SD card of the device, within a folder called «Garmin» (create it if it doesn't exist); in some models gmapsupp.img file must be copied into «Map» folder instead of «Garmin» folder (note «Map» folder may be hidden). This method is also recommeded because in case of any problem with the map, removing the card and restarting device will be enough to solve it. To copy it use a card reader (faster) or connect your device to the computer with a suitable cable, in 'Mass storage' mode (slower).

    Once copied, switch on the GPS, go to Settings>Map>Map Info and enable OpenStreetMap map. The way to activate the map varies from one model to other:

nüvi 300:

Entering map setup on nüvi
Under Map Setup, enter Map Info

Legend HCx:

Enabling map on nüvi
Check OpenStreetMap map to activate it

Entering map setup on Legend HCx
Enter Map Setup

Enabling map on Legend HCx
You have to activate each tile

  • If you don't have an external card, you can use any of the free programs sendMap or Qlandkarte; you can also use MapSource or BaseCamp from Garmin. In the last cases, you first have to load the map in MapSource/BaseCamp as explained above.

Using on Android devices:

If you want to see maps from this site on your Android mobile device, you can use OruxMaps app. For that, follow the steps below:

  • Download file for GPS of the country you want from Downloads page and unzip it. You'll get a file called gmapsupp.img. You can change the name to something more descriptive, such as MyCountry.img.
  • Copy that file into OruxMaps maps folder, by default oruxmaps/mapfiles/.
  • Open OruxMaps app, click on «Switch map» button and select previously saved file.
  • Map setup in OruxMaps

  • For a better visualization of maps, it is recommeded to go Global settings->Maps->Garmin maps settings, and uncheck Wpt labels background, Polygon labels background and Line labels background boxes.
  • Garmin maps settings in OruxMaps

  • Note: these maps are not routable on OruxMaps.

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Ian Steer (Willetton, Australia)
no - still don't know what to do with the contour lines download
Contour lines download is only for the GPS, files for BaseCamp (gmap format) already contain controu lines (topo maps only)
8th December 2023 5:44am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Ian Steer (Willetton, Australia)
For those that are a bit dumb (like me) and weren't sure what to do with the contour lines download - just unzip the contourlines_x.img file and copy it to the Garmin folder in the GPS itself, or its SD card. It is then available as another map to be selected under the "Configure Maps" menu and it will overlay your current map with contour lines.
10th March 2024 8:16am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Ian Steer (Willetton, Australia)
I'm not sure what to do with the contour lines download?
5th August 2023 3:33am
Full StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Carsten (Plön, Germany)
Good morning, unfortunately I can not install the OpenstreetmapUSA topo with the Garmin Map Installer on the SD Card (SanDisk 32GB) for the the Garmin XT. I have made several attempts and downloaded the map several times. The old one in Basecamp deleted again and the new one installed again. The map was installed by Basecamp and was visible. The tiles were all visible on the Garmin Map Installer. I tried it only with a few tiles and each time the installation aborted. I work with ... Read More
It may be a problem with the tiles containing only buildings that have been reported with other maps. In MapInstall it's not easy to identify these tiles to unselect them. You will note they are significantly larger than base map tiles and overlap them. Try removing all these building tiles in MapInstall before attempting to send map to GPS.
3rd July 2023 11:46am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Dan (Portugal)
Just to let people know that this works on the Zumo XT GPS, I wasn't able to send it to the unit directly but created the Map folder at the root of an SD card and it worked well. It did need a reboot of the device (long press on the power button to shutdown and then power on) for it to recognise the new map. Brilliant
7th March 2023 6:01pm
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